b. 1971 in Wigan, England
Lives and works in London, UK

Darren Almond is interested in time, place, personal history, and collective memory.
He makes sculptures, films, photographs, and works on paper based on his extensive travels,
which often take him to remote locations. Since 1998, Almond has been making a series of
landscape photographs known as the Fullmoons. Taken during a full moon with an exposure time
of 15 minutes or more these images of remote geographical locations appear ghostly, bathed in
an unexpectedly brilliant light where night seems to have been turned into day. Many of Almond’s
works are filmed in wide ranging – and often inaccessible - geographical locations such as
the Arctic Circle, Siberia, the holy mountains in China or the source of the Nile.

He has participated in numerous important group exhibitions including ‘Sensation’ (1997-1999),
Berlin Biennale (2001), Venice Biennale (2003), The Busan Biennale (2004) and The Turner Prize,
Tate Britain (2005). Solo exhibitions include The Renaissance Society, Chicago (1999), Kunsthalle Zürich
(2001), Tate Britain (2001) and K21, Düsseldorf (2005).