Jaume Plensa is one of the world's foremost sculptors working in the public space,

with over 30 projects spanning the globe in such cities as Chicago, Dubai, London,

Liverpool, Nice, Tokyo, Toronto, and Vancouver.


Over the past 25 years, Jaume Plensa has produced a rich body of work in the studio

and the public realm. By combining conventional sculptural materials (glass, steel,

bronze, aluminium) with more unconventional media (water, light, sound, video),

and frequently incorporating text, Plensa creates hybrid works of intricate energy and

psychology. From his delicately textured, intimate works on paper—like his 2005-06

series of ethnographic portraits that resemble worn, 19th century photographs

—to monumental outdoor sculptures like Nomade (2007) and a range of

cityscape-altering public projects like the Crown Fountain in Chicago (2000-05),

Plensa's work takes many forms.