Born in 1963 in Korea
Lives and Works in Dusseldorf, Germany

With his subtle handling of paint and unique vocabulary, Sen Chung has
built an impressive body of work that explores subjective themes of nature
and a nostalgic eroticism. Employing a technique of light washes coupled
with liberal accents of color, Chung’s oil paintings present an uncanny world
populated by sensuous depictions of woman and a menagerie of birds and horses.
While the artist’s subjects are classical in inspiration, he clearly locates them
in a contemporary milieu that highlights an unstable psychological landscape.
The coupling of animals and human subjects creates a dynamic hybrid of baroque
and fragmentary themes where there is no explicit narrative. In this respect the
artist locates his subject in the unconscious ego as it relates to nature, highlighting
the ontological tension between the self and its surroundings. Taken together,
the narrative that unfolds within this atmosphere is one that is equally
sublime and full of anxiety — like a fevered Eden. Using his masterly approach
to brushstroke and color, Chung’s lush paintings convey a perfectly poised balance
that pull the viewer into a surreal atmosphere.

He has held several solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, England, Italy,
USA, Australia and Korea.